Covering your airbricks

Even a small amount of water in your home or business can cause untold damage and it’s not just doorways that provide an easy route for water to enter a property.

How does it work?

The Ventguard is a simple to use Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) shield that is screwed to the wall surrounding an airbrick. When there is a risk of flooding, it takes seconds to manually insert the quick release bungs into both sides of the Ventguard to make it watertight.
Each Ventguard is manufactured in white but, can be hand painted on site to match the colour of the property. They are available in 2 sizes to protect single and double air bricks:

  • The Single Ventguard measures 330mm x 230mm to cover a standard single airbrick (240mm x 120mm)
  • The Double Ventguard measures 330mm x 345mm to cover a standard double airbrick (240mm x 240mm)

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SMART AirBricks

The permanent solution

The SMART AirBrick has been designed by Eco Coverage Technologies to replace your existing airbrick. Whilst it is more complex to install in the first place, you can relax knowing that it will automatically close in response to floodwater, forming a watertight seal.

Smart AirBrick in place
AirBrick how it works - exploded image

How does it work?

The SMART AirBrick has been designed to allow air to pass through freely but not water. It features simple flood activated valves that ensure compliance with BS493:1995 as an airbrick but, as soon as water enters the brick, the valves are forced closed preventing flood water from passing through.

The SMART AirBrick is available in terracotta red or stone grey to match your brickwork and has the following dimensions:
W: 213mm H: 62mm D: 58mm

Two SMART AirBricks can be stacked on top of each other to replace double height air bricks.

Find the latest install guides and brochures on our Downloads Page