floodgates protect doorways protect larger doorways with floodgate stanchion system protect businesses with floodgates

Unique Protection against Flood Water

protect your doorways

The simplest way to protect your doorways - no need for permanent modification to your property and can be installed in minutes...

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Wider Openings
protect wider openings

Link multiple Floodgates together with our simple stanchion system that, once installed, can be enabled in minutes...

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protect your airbricks

Airbricks can be protected simply by our Ventguards or use the SMART AirBrick for 'fit and forget' operation...

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protect your drains

It's hard to imagine something worse than sewage flowing back into your house - the answer is to fit non-return valves...

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Latest News

Repair & Renew Grants

Homes and businesses in England, flooded between 1 Dec and 31 Mar, are elligible for a grant of up to £5,000....

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Quay Bakery
Fowey Bakery rides out the Storms

The winter storms were a nightly television spectacle as the news delivered images of the storms impact on the coastline around the UK...

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Hawbridge Inn
The Wettest Winter

Man vs water and man is winning today. We have floodgates up at all doors and they are working, if they weren't we would be under at least a foot...

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Baileys Jewellery
Staines Jewellers Stays Dry

Baileys Jewellery is a family business set up by Mark and Demetra Bailey in 1985 with a shop in Horsell...

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